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Sydney Indian Restaurants Prepare to Open their Doors for Dine-In Guests

Restaurant owners are now getting ready to welcome back guests to their dining rooms with the lockdown restrictions easing later this month. The lockdowns in NSW have not been easy on local Indian restaurants but they are all doing what they can to ensure local restaurants can get back to business and get back to serving their valued guests.


There’s no doubting many of us are itching to get out and enjoy a lunch or dinner with family and friends at a restaurant -and rightfully so!

It’s been months of UberEATS and home cooked meals. Now that’s not all bad, it’s just we like variety and dining out is always a great way to connect and enjoy social evening with friends.

What are restaurant owners doing to prepare for the return of dine-in guests?

Zinger Taj Indian restaurant in North Sydney is doing everything they can to ensure a safe experience for all their guests and today we look at some of the measures taken to achieve this.

Zinger Taj is your local Indian restaurant found on Blues Point Road in McMahons Point (North Sydney) has announced today they will be opening their doors for lunch and dinner come 11 October and their chefs are preparing something special for you!

Firstly, they’ve undertaken sanitisation and cleaning to ensure the restaurant is sparkling clean and covid free for your safe dining.

From Indian restaurant Chefs to waiters and delivery drivers, new protocols and procedures help ensure the team at Zinger Taj Indian restaurant are equipped to ensure your experience at the restaurant is of the highest standards.

A range of new dishes will keep you coming back for more!

Zinger Taj Indian restaurant has been creating new dishes and flavours with inspired curries including Salmon Curry and Osso Bucco Indian curry dishes now available for a limited time. Don’t worry though, if you’re a creature of habit and don’t really want to try a new curry flavour, you can still enjoy the extensive Indian dinner menu available all year round!

Dine in voucher deals direct from the restaurant!

You don’t need to be a member of the group-buying websites to enjoy a great deal on your next Indian dinner at Zinger Taj. Simply visit their website and choose from a range of exclusive dinner offers online for you to book and enjoy!

Lunch or Dinner at your service!

Zinger Taj Indian restaurant is opening their doors for lunch and dinner service 7-days a week. Gone are the days you find restaurants closed on a Monday or not open for lunch, as this crew wants to be there to serve you delicious Indian food any day of the week!

Book your table today at Zinger Taj Indian restaurant in North Sydney and get ready for a delish lunch or dinner with Sydney restaurants opening their doors from 11 October 2021!


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